Welcome to Datong

Big picture thinking that nurtures future community needs… combined with an international reputation for delivering high quality communities. Welcome to Datong Living.

Knowledge, experience and foresight are among our core values. Seeing opportunities, then interpreting and creating innovative new living space for communities to love as their home is Datong’s vision.

Our international heritage continues to flourish. From the province of Yunnan, where Datong has built smaller communities, up to the 6 Billion Yuan Zhaotong project covering 1200 hectares. And today, we bring this international experience to Adelaide and Australia.

State-of-the-art design, sustainable and environmental outcomes that make a difference to cities as well as people’s lives. Our goal is for Datong projects to create a proud future legacy in every state of Australia.

Datong’s strategy is to become a highly sought after developer for creating high quality, sustainable and ecological urban solutions that Australian’s want to call home.